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Indoor Gathering Updates


We are continuing to monitor the on-going situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here are a few changes the elders have made regarding "in person" gatherings through RGBC. 

As of Monday, November 16th we are pausing all "in person" small group gatherings and small group related events through the end of this calendar year.  This change applies to the following:

  • All Children, Youth, and Adult Equip classes
  • Home Groups
  • Youth Gatherings
  • Other small group related gatherings and events that are officially promoted by RGBC

Please check with your home group or ministry leader as to how they plan to proceed with other group options such as zoom.

We DO plan to continue our "in person" worship gathering on Sunday mornings with safety measures in place.  Nursery will continue to be provided during worship but registration is required.  Our live stream will continue to be provided as usual. 

We want to continue to prioritize the corporate gathering of believers but in a way that maximizes safety believe we can continue providing a safe environment for in person gatherings as long as everyone commits to follow the guidelines.

  • Face Masks Required.   We are asking everyone to utilize face coverings with the only exception being for those speaking / singing from the platform.   Regarding younger children, we ask that you do the best you can as we understand that it can be difficult for smaller children.  
  • Children / nursery.  We are providing nursery (birth - 3 yr old) during the worship service but you must register ahead of time due to very limited space.  See our church center app for registration or it can be accessed here
  • Seating.  We are providing some seating spaced apart and utilizing the bleachers to help with social distancing.  We encourage you to bring your own chair if you are more comfortable doing so.  
  • Practice social distancing.  We are blessed with a large meeting space but please do your best to maintain social distancing while inside the building.

The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized each Sunday by 9:30 AM and we will have at least 4 hand sanitizer stations available. 

IMPORTANT: We do ask you to stay home for the recommend period of time if you or anyone in your family have symptoms of illness, have been around others who are ill or tested positive for COVID-19,  or have recently traveled outside the state of Maryland.  We will continue to provide our live stream at 10:30 AM for those who need to stay home short term or long term.  

More details will be given as we have need to communicate them.  As always, your safety is a priority.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to one of the elders.