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Indoor Gathering

Greetings Redeeming Grace,

I hope this finds each of you doing well.  I wanted to take a moment and update you on our plans for indoor Sunday gatherings.

Our plan is to meet indoors at 10:30 AM.  As we look ahead to being back inside for worship there are a few things we need to pass along so we can provide a safe setting.  Here's a few things to keep in mind as you attend our indoor gathering. 

  • Please wear a face covering. Once we go back indoors we are asking for everyone to wear face coverings during the duration of our service.  The exception will be for those speaking / singing from the platform.  Regarding younger children, we ask that you do the best you can as we understand that it can be difficult for smaller children.  According to CDC guidance children under 2 should not wear a mask.  As of 7/29/20 state regulations are requiring anyone over age 5 to wear a mask indoors in public spaces - including religious facilities.  We know there are various opinions about face coverings, but we are asking for you to wear one while indoors as a way to love your neighbor.   
  • Children / nursery.  We aren’t providing a nursery at this time.  We encourage families to be in the sanctuary together but will provide an overflow space in the multipurpose room adjacent to the gym for families to utilize with small children as needed.   
  • Enter / Exit through exterior gym doors. We are asking for you to enter and exit through the exterior gym doors.  We are reserving the multipurpose room for parents to utilize with small children as needed and want to reduce foot traffic in that space. 
  • Continue to bring your own chair. Please continue to bring a chair if possible.  We will have a few stacks of chairs available plus the bleachers for seating as needed.
  • Practice social distancing.  I know that statement has been on repeat but is a needed reminder in these times.  We are asking for you to sit with your family or friend group and maintain at least 6 ft distance between you and others outside your family group.

The restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized each Sunday by 10 AM and we will have at least 4 hand sanitizer stations available.  We do ask you to stay home if you or anyone in your family have symptoms of illness, have been around others who are ill, or have recently returned from an area where cases of Covid-19 are rapidly increasing.  We will continue to provide our live stream at 10:30 AM for those who need to stay home short term or long term.  

More details will be given as we have need to communicate them.  As always, your safety is our priority.  We are confident we can provide a safe indoor gathering if the practices above are followed.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me or one of the elders.


Pastor Adam