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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We are a family of Christ followers that exist to Exalt the Lord, Equip believers, and Engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a multiplying movement of Christ centered churches bringing gospel transformation for the good of our neighbors and nations for the glory of God.


Biblical Authority - We believe the Bible is our sole authority and are committed to accurately communicate God's word in a way that promotes grace and urges obedience.

God-Centered Worship - We want to lead people to worship God in a manner that is Gospel-centered, accessible, and formative.

Gospel Transformation - We believe the church is called to make disciples.  We believe the gospel not only saves but results in a transformed life.

Authentic Relationships - Through adoption, the gospel brings us into a new family by which we are responsible and accountable to live out the One Another's. 

Diverse Community - We believe the gospel brings unlikely people together forming a family that is reflective of the surrounding community regardless of age, race, and socio-economic barriers. 

Generous Service - Because of the Gospel we want to be a blessing to the citizens of St. Mary's county by generously serving our community.

Mission Mobilization - We believe every believer has a responsibility in gospel mission and is called to be an ambassador for Christ in the family, workplace, community and nations.

Church Multiplication - We do not exist for ourselves but to advance the kingdom of God through planting new churches.