Our Mission

We are a family of Christ followers that exist to Exalt the Lord, Equip believers, and Engage the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a multiplying movement of Christ centered churches bringing gospel transformation for the good of our neighbors and nations for the glory of God.

Our Values

Biblical Authority

We believe the Bible is our sole authority and are committed to accurately communicate God's word in a way that promotes grace and urges obedience.

God-Centered Worship

We want to lead people to worship God in a manner that is Gospel-centered, accessible, and formative.

Gospel Transformation

We believe the church is called to make disciples. We believe the gospel not only saves but results in a transformed life.

Authentic Relationships

Through adoption, the gospel brings us into a new family by which we are responsible and accountable to live out the One Another's.

Diverse Community

We believe the gospel brings unlikely people together forming a family that is reflective of the surrounding community regardless of age, race, and socio-economic barriers.

Generous Service

Because of the Gospel we want to be a blessing to the citizens of St. Mary's county by generously serving our community.

Mission Mobilization

We believe every believer has a responsibility in gospel mission and is called to be an ambassador for Christ in the family, workplace, community and nations.

Church Multiplication

We do not exist for ourselves but to advance the kingdom of God through planting new churches.

Our Story

In 2009 Leonardtown Baptist Church followed a vision of wanting to reach St. Mary’s county with the gospel and established a new location in the southern part of St. Mary’s county.  In 2010 Leonardtown Baptist established its Callaway Campus which began meeting at the King’s Christian Academy.  The campus continued to grow steadily as a gospel-centered fellowship in the community.

Due to the growth and stability of the campus the members of LBC voted unanimously in early 2014 to plant the campus as an autonomous church.  As a result of much prayer and continued favor from the Lord the Callaway Campus was launched as Redeeming Grace Baptist Church on January 1, 2015.

In 2019 RGBC purchased 10 acres on Route 5 in Callaway and on January 1, 2023, moved into a 20,000 square foot newly constructed facility.  This has been an exciting step for our church to put down permanent roots in our community.   As we seek to remain faithful in the present we do so with eager hope for the future.

The group of people at the first church service of RGBC on January 4, 2015