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Mark Lindgren   -  

Over the years, people have requested that I teach on one book of the Bible more than any other–the book of Revelation.  Some requested this book because they were confused by it.  Others thought it might be enjoyable to watch me squirm and struggle through a book they assumed only the smartest (or most outlandish) could interpret.

But, every time I have taught Revelation, I have seen people be quickly disabused of their misconceptions about this final book of the Bible.  Revelation is very clear about its major themes and its main message.  And, even though this book is written in a different style than a modern reader is used to, a couple of interpretive keys are all that is needed to unlock the meaning of some of its most perplexing passages.

As we prepare to embark on a sermon series through the book of Revelation at Redeeming Grace, we have prepared a number of helpful resources to guide you along the way.  Whether you are excited by this series or a little apprehensive, these books, videos, and blog posts will help you discover all that this final chapter in the story of Scripture has to offer.



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