RGBC is excited to come alongside parents in helping give them a strong Biblical foundation and shape their view of the greatness and glory of God.

Welcome to Our Children's Ministry

We believe in giving children a Biblical foundation as early as possible and that parents are responsible for providing the primary teaching and training of their children. Our team of volunteers is focused on partnering with parents to provide engaging, age-appropriate classes and activities to help support parents as they “train their children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6).” In addition to a robust curriculum, we provide handouts, literature and training to equip parents in raising their children to know and love Christ.

Sunday School/Equip
Sunday School/Equip

We have several classes available during the Sunday Equip hour (Sundays from 9:00-10:00am). Our teachers utilize the Truth78 curriculum which systematically covers five key elements of theological importance:

  • Bible Survey
  • Biblical Theology
  • Systematic Theology
  • Gospel Proclamation
  • Moral and Ethical Instruction

Our classes follow a rotating schedule of the Truth78 courses which ensures children receive a comprehensive education in all five of these key elements in an age-appropriate fashion. This systematic approach provides children with an understanding of the “whole counsel of God” essential for coming to salvation in Christ and living a life of faith.

The following classes are currently offered:

  • Nursery (birth-3 years)
  • PreK-1st Grade
  • 2nd-3rd Grad
  • 4th-5th Grade
Children's Session
Children's Session

This optional session is offered during the sermon time and allows the children to participate in the corporate singing and then shift to a dedicated time to learn about God in a child friendly environment.  This session includes an engaging lesson and interactive activities, while also providing a chance to practice the skills and knowledge to enable them to fully engage in the sermon in the future.  The session takes place on the 1st – 4th Sunday.  During months with a 5th Sunday, the children will sit through the whole service and parents will be provided notetaking handouts (which are also used during the children’s session to help the kids get familiar with notetaking) to help engage them in the sermon.


During the Equip hour and the church service, nursery is offered for babies aged birth – 3 years. A short Bible lesson is given to the older children and all the babies enjoy the music, laughter and love provided by the workers.  If a baby isn’t enjoying the amenities on a particular Sunday, we have a pager system to notify parents so they can calm their child in one of our quiet rooms or bring them back to the service with them.  In addition, we have options for parents who need to offer their child a nap during the Equip or service time.

Nursing Moms

While mothers are welcome to feed their babies wherever and whenever needed, if desired, we have multiple areas set aside for nursing mothers to use while at RGBC. There is a nursing mothers room located directly off the back left side of the sanctuary that is equipped with rocking chairs, water, and light snacks.  In addition, for mothers desiring more privacy or a quieter area, the office area has a couch and conference room which can be used for nursing. There is a sign on the office door which can be rotated to indicate the space is in use.  Please feel free to contact the Children’s Ministry Director with any questions about support for nursing moms.


RGBC is committed to the spiritual growth of individuals with all types of needs and abilities. We offer several different accommodations (described below) for families and are actively pursuing growing our capabilities.  If you have a child with any type of disability (physical or mental), medical condition, or other challenge, please reach out to the Children’s Ministry Director or one of the Elders to discuss how RGBC can better support your family.

  • Overflow room – located to the right of the main church entrance doors and on the front side of the building, this room is equipped with a TV to stream the service. If you need to step out with your child for any reason, this is a great place for them to be able to get some space while you can still see and hear the service.
  • Quiet room – this room is provided for children who may need a lower stimulation environment to calm down. Please see the children’s security worker to get access to this room.
  • Equip session and Children’s Session – during both Equip and the Children’s Session offered during the service, we are focused on providing a learning environment that is suitable to all of the children attending. We welcome your input and feedback as parents about how we can best support your child and their specific needs. Our classrooms have specific areas set aside for different sensory needs and we have experience providing different accommodations for learning styles, children with autism, and many other types of needs.

We take our responsibility to protect the children of RGBC while they are in our care seriously. All activities involving children have at least two qualified caregivers who have completed a background check and training on safety and security for children. Workers must sign RGBC’s Policy for the Protection of Minors to ensure proper procedures are being followed during the supervision of children.  If there is any incident, we have detailed reporting procedures to ensure parents, church leadership and/or local authorities are notified as required.

Our children’s wing is locked and only accessible to approved personnel during church activities. A unique badge is given to each child who enters the children’s wing and parents receive a matching identifier which must be presented upon check-out.  Parents of nursery aged children also receive a pager to enable quick notification if their child needs their attention during nursery.  We abide by an in-depth emergency procedure plan to detail our approach to protecting the children in care should unexpected circumstances arise.