The best way to connect with RGBC is to become a member. As members we covenant together to serve Christ, care for one another, and commit to be held accountable to the teachings of God's word.

What Is Church Membership?

We do not believe the idea of church membership is outdated and unnecessary. In fact, we believe that church membership is an essential part to living out the Christian life.

Church membership is much more than just attendance. As church members we covenant together to live out God's purposes for our lives and serve together to fulfill His mission.

If you are looking for a meaningful community where you can be encouraged, held accountable, and mobilized to use your spiritual gifts we would love for you to make us your church home.

Membership Process

To learn more about our membership process we encourage you to RSVP for an upcoming Membership Class. This is a quarterly event designed to help you know the next steps to take. If you are ready to pursue membership you can contact an elder to schedule a membership interview.


We think that each person should make an informed decision about joining our church, so we provide a membership class that explains our vision, values, beliefs, and history.  Membership classes are offered quarterly.

Our next membership class will take place later this summer.  Contact the church office with any questions.

Stay tuned for further details.


Once a person decides to pursue church membership we ask all candidates to schedule an interview with one of the elders.  This is the context in which a person will share his or her testimony, ask further questions and discuss any important matters related to church life and mission.

Also during the interview an elder will explain and have the candidate sign the church covenant.

Once the membership class and interview are complete candidates will be presented to the congregation for affirmation at the next members’ meeting.  At the time of congregational affirmation the candidate will be considered a member.


If you have not been baptized by immersion following your profession of faith in Christ we would ask you to take this important step before becoming one of our covenant members.  If you would like to pursue this step please contact one of our elders to begin this process.

*We do not believe that baptism by immersion is necessary for salvation. It is better understood as a public profession of faith and an important step of obedience in the Christian’s walk with Christ.  For this reason believer’s baptism by immersion is a requirement for membership.